The location condition of Nagano is an inland climate. Nagano is blessed with rich natural environment and beautiful farm landscapes.

80% of Nagano's farm products are produced at 500m above sea level or higher. Long daylight hours, warm days and cool evenings help farm products which increases the amount of nutrients in many products. This is one of the reasons for Nagano's delicious farm products.

Traditional Japanese set dinner (Kaiseki Cuisine)

We serve traditional Japanese cuisine(Japanese Multiple course) "KAISEKI" by local food and seasonal fresh ingredients and friendly services in a contemporary.

For individual customer exclusive, it is free upgraded to who stay above three nights continuously.
(Reservation advanced, Please inform our front staff when you check-in).

Kaiseki Cuisine menu will be depend on seasonal ingredient to change. If you any food allergies, please inform us in advance.

Buffet style

Hotel chefs select, prepare and serve a wide range of Japanese, Western, Chinese and international
about 70 dishes made with the fresh and ingredients and produces from local and worldwide. Also, we provide a vivid gourmet presentation in open kitchen area and Nigiri Sushi demonstration corner. Menu is keep changing every season in order to ensure the fresh and seasonal ingredients.

Moreover, at buffet venue (Sky Lounge) from the window side look over the wide view of Lake Shirakaba.

Chairs ,tableware and kids food corner for children are also available. In addition, infant and baby food product are also available for free in buffet venue.

Location: Annex Building 1F
Opening hour: 07:00-09:30/ 18:00-21:00 *the opening hours may change
Walk in guest is welcome: 5000Yen + Tax /person

Dinner Buffet

70 kinds of dishes including sushi, sashimi, teppanyaki, tempura, curry, seasonal vegetables dishes, handmade dessert, Chocolate fountain,etc. We hold different food fair in every season to offer special items for the right season.

Breakfast Buffet

Ikenotaira hotel breakfast provide original menu with healthy food and fresh ingredients. Miso soup is the main in Japanese breakfast that miso made from Nagano rice and organic soy beans. Eggs with rice is also the tropical items. Eggs and milk also from the beautiful highland (YATSUGATAKE).

We has licensed nutritionist staff who design healthy drink that you can have more health meal in the morning.

Kids' corner

The Kids' Corner is available to welcome families. It sets up for children that the food should be taken by their height. Kids ' Corner provide family meal menu. Family can enjoy buffet time together.

Chairs and tableware corner for children are also available. In addition, infant and baby food product are also available for free. Baby car is welcome to dining venue.

All you can drink Alcohol drink in 60 mins

Adult 1760Yen (including tax)
All you can drink menu: Shirakaba original beer, Shochu (Japanese distilled spirit), cocktail, Japan sake, Whiskey, Wine, Chinese Alcohol drink.

  • One person is allow to order. Guest who have not ordered is not able to drink.
  • Please inform buffet venues staff to order this service

Original craft beer (Shirakaba Tateshira)
Ikenotaira Hotel have own factory to made the Original craft beer.
It made from selected ingredients from Germany and water from Tateshira Mountain. Now, original craft beer is very popular. Please have a try! It is limited only sales in Shirakaba.

Restaurant Hana

Restaurant Hana provide Western and Japanese lunch menu and dessert in Ikenotaira Hotel lobby floor. When ordering lunch menu, salad bar and soup bar is included.

Bar 20:00-22:15 (22:00 Last order)

Price: 1500Yen (All you can drink plan only) , under aged 20 is not allow to enter.
Please noted that it is self-service.
3 kind of Snack is free served.

Drink Menu:
Wine *Red and White
Shochu (Japanese distilled spirit) from Nagano
Sapporo beer black label

Shirakaba Ikenotaira Lake side Plaza

All round of Lake Shirakaba View from Ikenotaira Lake side Plaza

Ikenotaira Hotel is nearby by lake Shirakaba. In front of the hotel, Lake side Plaza is a place for dining, shopping and reception for rent bike.

Restaurant Shirakaba is opening from 21 Apr to 5 Nov during lunch time 11:00-14:30.

  • it may be closed without notice. Please contact us to confirm the opening date.
  • Menu will be changed by season and ingredient supply.

Lake Side Plaza Lunch buffet

Venues: 2/F of Lake Side Plaza
Opening hours: 11:30-14:30 (21 Apr - 4 Nov)
Price: Adult 1940Yen, Child 1080Yen

  • it may be closed without notice. Please contact us to confirm the opening date.
  • Menu will be changed by season and ingredient supply.

Reservation and inquire (English speaking) By Phone (Japan time: 10:30-19:00) GMT+9, Irregular days off


Email: info@ikenotaira-resort.co.jp *For English and Chinese service

Facebook page: ikenotairahotel
If you have any inquire, please feel free to contact us.